Shuga Sticker Pack


Compatibility: This package is compatible with iOS iOS 10.0 to 14.0.

Shuga Sticker Pack is a sticker pack for iMessage. Literally that's it. And Apple didn't have to approve shit!

Now available on Dynastic Repo!


  • Shuga stickers! Rep all of your favorite Shuga brands, such as Zenith (creators of Eclipse), SmashAdditions, ShugaBot, and more!
  • Digital merch! Get stickers from your favorite jailbreaking brands, such as Dynastic, Packix, and Sileo!
  • Weeb shit! We have stickers in Japanese that, let's be honest, you probably can't read. You can even UwU!
  • Inside jokes! Pay respects? Check. T-Chat? Whatever that means, check! Honk? HONK!
  • Not a Telegram sticker pack I swear! We have Shuga cat stickers shamelessly ripped from Makemon's character generator!
  • ...and more!

Kinda licensed?

Like, Dynastic knows we put their ShortLook anti-piracy icon in here. Kinda the same with Packix? Well, it doesn't matter since I'll just report Packix to the EU Commission for violating the GDPR if they complain.

Also, who the fuck owns the license to the Soviet Union flag? Nobody, that's who, because they're a dead country. And I know T-Chat will post this as reason #137 of why they're sooooooooooo cool. Just watch 'em.


Used by your favorite developers, such as checks notes Shuga! Oh yeah, and like all of Dynastic. Kirb also uses this and is literally the only reason the Untitled Goose Game references are present.


- Ayden, god of Dynastic, when reading this mess of a depiction.

Works on every device!

Not jailbroken? No problem! Shuga Sticker Pack can be sideloaded with the IPA that can be found here! Now if only TweakBox or Ignition would partner up with us so you can sideload it on-device.

Duck it, this even works with checkra1n on iOS 13, no, iOS 14, and it hasn't even come out! No, I didn't check with symject. I just know.

Also Adhesive release eta son.




iOS 10.0 to 14.0

Stickers (iMessage)


No changes. Please continue to use the Dynastic Repo build.


Added Zoom-themed stickers.


Fixed a bug where the application won't show up in iMessage when installed through Cydia.


Add Geo's avatars.


Prepare for Dynastic migration. Please install from Dyanstic Repo when it goes live.


Initial Release!